Success and Everything

October 2nd, 2015

It’s busy time, I’ve got something to do.  Success, right?  Doing things is like success – idle hands and all that.  So what do I see about me that is not enough?  What could possibly be missing?  I mean, I know I don’t have everything (where would I put it?*).  And there is an infinite number of possibilities as to what I don’t have, but I don’t know what they are (all those things that I don’t know that I don’t know).

And yet, here I sit, worried that I’m not doing enough.  I worry about success – what does it mean?  Well I think I’m finally seeing that what it means to me is all that matters … to me.  Sounds circular, sort of, except that I can only ever perceive from my own point of view.  There is no way for me to get out of my own perspective.  Not that I don’t try, but even within the most intimate of relationships, I’m still just guessing.

Everything is everything and there is nothing outside of everything.  Or maybe nothing is contained within everything.  Either way, everything is still all there is.

But maybe Steven is wrong, maybe not only can I have everything, I do have everything.  Maybe it’s all already mine.  Not in some possessive kind of way, but in the broadest sense, everything that I can conceive of is mine because I have conceived it.  So, if I already have it all, then I have to ask myself again, what can possibly be missing?

Perhaps it is simply all of the things I have not yet conceived…

I’d better get busy.

* Steven Wright

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