Awake in the Shadows

January 3rd, 2015

I have dived into the shadows, and I have opened my eyes there.  Or should I say, here, because this place, this is the shadow world.  Our experience as humans cannot be without shadow.

Here, light needs dark.  Hot needs cold.  Compassion needs anger.  I need.  We all have needs.

These are the requirements for a physical life on Earth.  All things support each other because there is no room between them.  Molecules bump up against each other on all sides.  I am cocooned in my human-ness.

I keep looking around, wondering what in this world will give me joy.  There are so many things to put my attention on here, and my joy is never complete because there is always shadow right next to it.

I know, true joy is inside of me.  There is nothing external that can make me anything at all.  I choose where I want to be on my emotional scale.

The thing is, this human life is all about externals.  I look out from my eyes and speak from my mouth, from my center.  Input comes in from the world around me, towards my center.  It is all about my interactions with this place.

And since my true self is constant and eternal (at least that’s what I choose to believe) the things I do and hold are of little consequence.  There is only experience, and that is exactly what I am here to have.

So here I sit, in the shadows, holding my cup of coffee, because it does bring me joy.  And I ponder, what shall I bump into today?

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