June 24th, 2014

We are on the inside looking out – our only center of perspective is from within our bodies.  To try to imagine (or care) how we appear or seem to appear from the outside looking in will result in a distorted vision.  Like looking in a mirror, which always shows an inverted/flipped image, we can never truly see ourselves as we are from the outside.

The question - the eternal questing, seeking, wanting-to-know obsession - would then be:  How do I feel about what I am observing or experiencing?  Can I look at life objectively?  Can I simply observe what is in front of me before making up something about it?  Can I remain completely present for the experience?

Ok, that’s more than one question, but there are limits to this language; often I am moved to round out an idea with multiple iterations until I feel it has been sufficiently described, or I just can’t think of any more words to use.

That is the challenge in wanting to share visions of this inner life – we have few words or phrases to truly describe it.  It reminds me of the word YHWH which was more of an idea because the people knew that there really was no way that they could describe what many call God in one word.

Sometimes I think a person can experience such peace and oneness that it is easy to feel that the words “I am” are sufficient to express the self.  And if we are truly emanating our energetic self then perhaps others will pick up on that expression.

But I find no doubt in the idea that I can never truly know any other perspective but my own while I am human.  Compassion suggests that I try to put myself in another’s position, and while I can sympathize, empathize and even agree with what they’re doing, I will never in this life be able to know what it is to be them.

I often lament the lack of sympathy from others, how some people seem completely unable to sense what others are feeling and so come across as narcissistic or uncaring.  But my own challenge is the opposite – I must find a way to know myself, to honor myself, and above all to love myself.   This is the life of an accommodating person, someone who has always put others first, most of the time simply to keep the peace.

Today, standing in my own place, seeing the world from the only perspective that I can work with, I feel a power that no amount of human sharing or caring can create because it already is.  This power is the flow of love that eternally feeds our beings.  This power is everything.

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