April 5th, 2014

My theory is that the more I am present, the more I am conscious of living in this moment, the more open I am to the larger consciousness of All (The Oneness of Us All).  And the more I pay attention to my physical senses the more I am in this moment.  My body is like the anchor that keeps me here.

Furthermore, the combination of all of my (physical) senses creates my extrasensory experience; the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, or something like that.  With all senses alert, I Am.

Years ago I asked that all of my physical senses be as powerful as they can be.  I asked that I be allowed to see and hear and taste all of what it is possible for my body to handle, and if need be to upgrade my body to allow more input and thus more experience.

While that has occurred – my awareness of sensory input has increased – I am just as overwhelmed by the world as I was as a child.  The main difference now is that I don’t want to come up with some kind of coping mechanism to survive here.  I want to use this abundance of input to thrive.

In order to accomplish this I must give up the idea that any of this energy is specifically directed at me (i.e. I can’t take things personally) (or seriously).  It seems that this energy is simply available to me (to all of us really), for me to choose whether I want to give any attention to it or not.  If I notice it, of course, I have given something to it, but I can still choose to move on.

I’m also noticing that in my choice to be here now, things like writing don’t occur to me as often, if at all.  In fact the idea of doing is just rare these days.  It’s as if being here - breathing, thinking, interacting with my family (small as it is), reading, and general house work – is about all I can handle.  And some days even this is more than I can do, it is more than enough.

A shift has occurred, whether you noticed it or not, and we are now collectively in a new chapter – a chapter filled with possibilities, overflowing with opportunity.  It may not look like it out in the world of the old ways, but in the realm of our visions, ah, so much is being made new.  And I ask myself:  Where will you put your attention?  What will you create?

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