February 19th, 2013

Will I ever finally, truly, completely see my place in the whole?  I think I have had glimpses, and it is a very comforting and beautiful thing.

All this searching, all these questions, and what do I have to show for it?  Well, some progress has been made, surprisingly.  I don’t feel much different, and yet looking back I can see what has been lost (and in a good way) and what has been gained (I guess it’s just two sides of the same coin).  Abraham cautioned against stopping and taking stock, but I think just once in a while it’s ok to see how far we have come.  It’s encouraging, for me anyways, to know that I’m not as stuck as I thought I was.

I feel hope, which is not some pitiful wishing but more of a grateful appreciation for being here.  I think that’s big, and important.  The wholeness of the world, and indeed all of, well, everything, has been feeding this sense of peace within, and I like it.

Finally I am enjoying the journey, or at least giving myself time to make it.  I’m pretty sure that patience is something I really wanted to focus on in this go-round.  Maybe, possibly, I’m starting to get some.

Funny how now that I have honestly opened up to assistance, it just keeps coming.  It’s not that people are rushing to my side, but I am finding things to read or see, at the perfect time.  Just when I’m pondering a certain aspect of creativity, for instance, several articles come my way in which the artist ponders the same thing.  I love the universe, and I thank it and every singular being in it for their support and love.  It has for sure been a Long Strange Trip (emphasis on Strange).

Keep on truckin’…

(Do I need to credit The Dead here?  I hope you will know…)

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