Here’s an Idea

May 8th, 2012

My mother-guide told me the other day, “All that you see, all that you experience here on Earth, is simply the manifestation of an idea.”

That was it.

I had asked for… help, peace, you know, I was stuck in a rut and wanted my butt kicked. And this is what she told me.

She’s very nice that way.

I call her my mother-guide because I don’t know her “name” and she feels mom-ish to me. You know, that sort of unconditional strong love, guiding and helping me to Be Me.

Since then I have repeated this to myself many times. Whenever I’m upset or feeling off, I remember this is all just a manifestation of an idea. And it works! I feel so much better, more grounded and more connected to the bigger picture.

I like the image of all of these millions and millions of ideas forming themselves here on Earth. This concept feels very neutral to me for some reason which is obviously why it helps so much. And I share it with you in the hopes that perhaps you can benefit from some neutrality in your life. If nothing else, it’s an interesting concept to ponder, and to be honest the more I ponder the more of an impact it has on me. Now that’s some powerful parenting!

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