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Here We Are


July 2012

If life is a process, that means that we are never done. We never “get there”, we just make the most of the journey, and perhaps set some course based on a perceived destination. It feels to me that this illusive (illusory?) destination doesn’t stay put. Good thing it’s just a guidepost or I’d be [...]



July 2012

Well, this place has become the House of Perpetual Construction… we have found a leak in the wall right below the master bathroom sinks, it is making the kitchen wet. Hmmm…… I am wondering what it is I am taking away from this? I’m not panicking, but I’ll admit I’m getting tired of living [...]

Checking In


July 2012

It’s time for a change, here on this site, so I’m asking my beautiful daughter to play with the site again. She likes doing this stuff so I’m happy to give her a chance to play!
In the meantime, I can see how this reflects my life as a whole (of course) and am looking forward [...]