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One More Time…


May 2012

On our walk this morning I was contemplating the “why” of my life; you know, the idea of why I get out of bed each morning, that kind of thing. Certainly walking the dogs is a beautiful thing and I look forward to it. But what about the rest of my life? And I should [...]

Only Me


May 2012

I read something recently about bringing our Higher Self into our hearts, acknowledging that there is no separation nor has there ever been. (Sorry, I can’t remember where I read this, but if I do I’ll update this entry.) The point seemed to be that rather than sensing our higher selves as something above or [...]

Here’s an Idea


May 2012

My mother-guide told me the other day, “All that you see, all that you experience here on Earth, is simply the manifestation of an idea.”
That was it.
I had asked for… help, peace, you know, I was stuck in a rut and wanted my butt kicked. And this is what she told me.
She’s very nice that [...]

Stay Centered


May 2012

I had a talk with my Guide last night, and with this idea brewing in my mind for several weeks now, it was nice to get confirmation. I have to remember to talk to him more often… but besides that, the thing I’ve been contemplating has been the most simple of ideas: focus my attention [...]