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My Dream…


April 2012

I am attending a symposium of some sort. All of us who are here were invited by the organizers because of certain knowledge we possess.
As I approach the building I decide I am going to stay at the lowest possible level (knowing that we will be spending several days if not weeks here at this [...]

What Happens


April 2012

On my walk the other day I had this craving for a meat marinara sauce, like you might get in a lasagna—I think it has another name but I don’t remember what it is. Anyways, I had this craving for it, and it was for beef specifically. So I thought about the cow. I imagined [...]

I Am Now


April 2012

Sometimes there’s just not much to say. I had intended to write about how difficult it is to keep my attention on this moment. How I have been practicing and having moments of success.
But it felt too narcissistic so I deleted it all.
Here is the core of it. Or should I say, NOW is the [...]

Why Be Physical?


April 2012

Maybe I came here to see that while I can create anything and everything, Here on Earth, it requires me to Do. When I want that potted plant moved to the front porch, I have to go out and pick it up and move it. It requires my physical involvement. This is the nature of [...]

More Doing…


April 2012

There is a lot of talk out there about “being” as opposed to “doing.” I’m sure you’ve read some of it or heard it from someone who seems to be tuned in to their life force. I have no intention of dissing any of this because I’ve even talked about it myself—there is a subtle [...]