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I Don’t Know


March 2012

I don’t know where I am, I don’t really know who I am. All I do know is that I am… I think everyone leaves it at that because what else can we be sure of? I am… here, now. I mean somehow I am experiencing a here and now.
I only bring this up because [...]

The Jewel of Life


March 2012

We hold in our hands a precious jewel that is life. And yet, for some reason, we decide to add to it. We embellish, we decorate, we judge. Eventually we end up adding so much stuff to it we feel we have to cover up the mess we have made, adding even more layers. Sadly [...]

Two Into One


March 2012

In my vision I’m standing over the water, with one foot in a boat and one foot still on the dock. At first I thought, this is two time lines, merging, and perhaps I am holding the boat in place, creating some kind of a bridge. But then I realized that although I am creating [...]



March 2012

I like the word “wholesome” because it has the word “whole” in it. While I was out walking the other day it came to me—I should use this word more. Now most definitions seem to relate to physical health or morals and that kind of thing. But that’s not what I was going for. The [...]

Now having nothing to say…


March 2012

How fun is that? I have a blog and I have nothing to say!
Life becomes ever more peaceful, daily and even hourly. I would have thought this would be boring, but in fact I feel more energized; not physically (in fact I’m feeling rather tired a lot lately), but certainly emotionally. Or perhaps it’s that [...]