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January 2012

Isn’t there something in the Bible that talks about how love, True Love, doesn’t need forgiveness?  I like that idea, and I’m not religious at all.
So today I am forgiving myself.  What did I do?  Not much, really.  I didn’t check things out before reacting.  And now I feel somewhat deflated.  Not horribly, just a [...]

Who We Love


January 2012

For some reason I woke up thinking about the terms homosexual and heterosexual.  (It could be the dream I had in which I was a prostitute in an old west brothel, but it doesn’t seem related, not really….)
I thought that, in order to shake things up and get people out of the pre-conceived ruts of [...]

It’s OK to Say No


January 2012

I said No to my brother yesterday.  It was hard!  But I finally had to put my foot down and say what was on my mind (which was, No).
I don’t know how he feels about it yet (we’re doing this all by email since he has no phone) but I’m sure I’ll find out soon [...]



January 2012

Along with my New Year’s commitment to Love MySelf, I am adding a continuing search for the Beautiful.  Of course this could show up anywhere and everywhere, so it should be easy.
Yesterday was the first day, I decided I wouldn’t read the news any more (I haven’t watched any in years), and I won’t even [...]

here we are


January 2012

and we couldn’t be anywhere else.
a recent shift for me, subtle and profound, has left me feeling so peaceful and calm.  I decided I was done being a victim, of anything, and all of a sudden I could breath deeply.  and I could feel real gratitude, continually.  what a relief!
the move was slight, and I [...]

over a year…


January 2012

and I’m still here… and I STILL don’t know anything, not really.  I’m ok with that, of course, because if I knew everything, I’d be bored.
Today I asked myself, when was the last time you were responsible TO yourself?  I mean, I’m responsible to others all the time, and I feel responsible for others often [...]