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June 2016

Sometimes I look in the mirror and am genuinely surprised by what I see because it is not what I was expecting.
Sometimes it feels like my body is outside of me.  Like the aches and pains that I feel aren’t really me, they’re just bits of resistance.  Because when I check in with ME there [...]

Worth and Value


May 2016

Paul Jarvis today coached us to notice things, so that we’d have stories to tell and something to write about.  He also offered the perspective of potential clients - what do people wish they knew? what are they asking of you?  “Look for patterns in what people are talking about, questioning, wanting, needing, yearning for.”
I [...]

My Life on Earth so far…


December 2015

Have you ever been to a party where you don’t know very many people there, everyone is drinking – a lot – and talking really loud, and you aren’t anywhere near those few people you do know, the ones who invited you in the first place, and the people who are nearby, while you appreciate [...]

The Separation


October 2015

A feeling of separation arises at the moment I become aware of my limited, singular being-ness.  And while I am aware of my larger, immortal self, I cannot ‘see’ it.  All of a sudden there is a branching off and there is an ‘other’, someone just around the corner, who is also me and seemingly [...]

Success and Everything


October 2015

It’s busy time, I’ve got something to do.  Success, right?  Doing things is like success – idle hands and all that.  So what do I see about me that is not enough?  What could possibly be missing?  I mean, I know I don’t have everything (where would I put it?*).  And there is an infinite [...]

Once Again


September 2015

Digging in the depths, digging, digging.
Keep going, it’s very deep
and hot. Hot as lava.

Digging down, seeing red.
Magma comes up like bile.
I want it to end.

Repeating, repeating the old habits.
Seeing you over and over again.
Forgetting you over and over again.

Remember it is me.  I remember it is
all me and all mine.
This blows my mind.

How easy to [...]

What If?


June 2015

What if my ‘work’ is awakening?  What if my work leaves nothing to show because it is not tangible?  What do I do?  How do I feel, in this world where success must be measured, where progress must be shown?



April 2015

I am a cheater.
I cheat by not caring about all the social norms, by not following them.  I cheat by saying that life should be fun, not serious.  I cheat by not going along with the crowd.
I disagree with many aspects of our culture and this feels like cheating.  This feels like I’m doing it [...]

Awake in the Shadows


January 2015

I have dived into the shadows, and I have opened my eyes there.  Or should I say, here, because this place, this is the shadow world.  Our experience as humans cannot be without shadow.
Here, light needs dark.  Hot needs cold.  Compassion needs anger.  I need.  We all have needs.
These are the requirements for a physical [...]

An Apology in the Form of Ho’oponopono


October 2014

I am sorry for all of the pain I have instigated, although I hope it was something that, at a soul level, you wanted or needed.
Please forgive me for hurting you, you who I should love like family.  I suppose you are family, all of you, and so there is no one else around for [...]